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Windows 8.1 Digitally Signed Drivers?

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We can't seem to get a CANtieCAR v3.1 interface installed on a Windows 8.1 (x64) machine.
The flash drive / sd card installs ok, but the USB drivers for the AT91 serial port fail to install as they are not digitally signed.

I've tried the latest drivers you list (v2.08.14) but they still give the same error - "The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information".

Do you have digitally signed drivers available which will work with Windows 8.1?


Here you have an article which indicated how to install unsigned drivers

I found a similar English language one here:

It works, but it's a bodge.
Are there any plans to release a signed driver?

I am the same user, what I know I share with you.
I hope that in the future will proet razvivatsa.
Merry Christmas to you!

As per alodin, we await windows10. It has compatibility that will help which is missing from windows 8/8.1 .


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