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CAN Hacker not working in BMW JBE KCAN Mode


Does anyone know how I can view CAN traffic with CAN HACKER while in BMW JBE KCAN Emulator mode or does the CanTieCAR only sniff traffic while in normal OBD mode?

Not familiar with CAN  Hacker, but if you are connected to bmw--device with CTC..and have a splitter cable and another device(ctc-in CAN hacker mode?) I see no reason why you would not see data.

Don`t think you can run 2 devices with one interface

 I believe Vector/softing  makes wares to do this.

Could depend on the year and country also, seems Bmw only allowed obd2 protocols for some years on usa cars--thru obd 2 socket. The 20 pin socket had everything on it.

But in jbe mode you are bench testing/sorting your controller?

This is Probably way over My Head..just a layman here, but though I would respond.


Thanks for the reply, I managed to get CANHACKER to see the CTC when I put it into the basic mode but still couldn't see any traffic


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