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Siemens MY99 Airbag - can't connect


I bought the multiplexed package for use with my 2004 Fiat Stilo Abarth 2.4l 20v (selespeed).

Loving the package - not having to swap cables etc is really nice!

I can connect to all ECUs except the Airbag one. Connection just times out with "can't connect, make sure blah blah" message.

I have updated the (cantiecar) firmware, and when doing a scan now, the "Siemens MY99" *is* found, but multiecuscan still won't connect to it.

Unfortunately, it is the airbags that I have a problem with, and got this kit, primarily, to sort it out!

Does anyone have any tips/ideas?

perhaps you have to ask them... looks like a software problem...

It states on their website (supported vehicles / modules) that this particular Siemens ECU (Siemens Airbag MY99 |INFO|DTC|PRM|ACT| KL A2 P3) is only accessed by "KL - KKL/VagCom/OBDKey interface".
Try changing the mode of Cantiecar dongle to KKL or Vagcom and try it again (don't forget to change adapter setting inside Multiecuscan).


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