BMW DME ms42_2000_e46_auto_5wk9037

Started by g0tcha, September 14, 2007, 12:17:36



i have a problem with a car BMW e46 2000, while writing to the ecu with some tuning software. the laptop battery died and i think the DME damaged.

1) if i get a flash for 29Fxxx from another car same ecu and i put in this damaged ecu, how do i make the DME dump virgin or how do i add the correct VIN into this dump ?

i have read the dump before from this car, it is attached please can anyone say if this IS partial or if this dump is OK to put into the ecu 29fxxx flash


i have found the problem is not the flashing, i fixed the DME

it seems the key stopped working, how can i match a new key to this car. it has the diamond shaped key. if i put the key in my key reader and try to read it doesn't read anything.

is it possible to put a normal phillips pcf transponder in here and make work with the car ?


well this is the situation after today, the dme does seem damaged i changed the dme and then used a keymatching device made by a guy named hackman the car now cracks but it wont start. any idea on what i should do now ?

also does anyone have or know where i can get a full flash for this car, the details of this car is in the subject


if i do a diagnosis on this car dme i see 2 error code 128 and 209 , i used INPA, carsoft and scanner same codes

i was told it something to do with code tables not matching, any one can advice on how to solve this problem ?

or anyone have a virgin ms42 dme dump ?