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Started by Oleksandr, April 19, 2010, 16:22:18


Hello, Thanks for reply but I done what. I think my CTC is a problem, When i test it without power (12V from car) everything on test looking green. When i plug(give_ external power i have errors mostly 2 , but only when i have plus CTC to OBD. Plunging external power  to (pin 4,5"-") and pin 16 "+" give me no errors. I think that's why my Passtrue mode don't work.


First off. Make sure your Configurator and Firmware are up to latest(here on site)
If you are testing without car and power supplied it will only blink the led`s on CTC and always give no com error.
Perhaps you should allow someone in to see your problem( teamviewer ) and Skype to use for communication perhaps?

We KNOW it works and doubt there is a problem with interface, I have used my original one for more than 8 years..I cannot break it.

Allow me to help you perhaps? Get the Free Teamviewer and Syype..
Skype= sleuth_er then we can set up quick id to take a look.



Nissan Consult 3 Plus working with CTC  :o!LtwE2Tbb!3xFOQEqnUWNnFRsjdfKa5l_pSe9G919PiEDXkU-38pY
Pass: TizWazzaWziT

INI file for CTC:!5UB32ZLK!051OBOR9p4ZCXsZ68cQ-CvZGi48-KzcDllt9ybn5hWU
No pass.

Tetsed with WIN7 and WIN XP PRO SP3.
Both install fine and work.

Found the software to be slow and some other glitches.
But hey, this might be only on my computers or i might missing something.

Best regards,

Problem seems to have resolved after latest Configurator and RC file release.  ;D ;D ;D


Quote from: miarcin on March 13, 2014, 17:03:36
How you get it working, I cannot connect to car, Hoda HDS don's see CTC. Can you describe your way to connection with car ?

You have to change option VCI from HDS settings and set it to CANtieCAR.

Then it will work like a charm.  ;D


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Opel GlobalTIS v32.0 B Multilanguage

Hello, help please configure the GDS2 application with CANtieCAR interface passthru
SPS = ok CANtieCAR communication ok
GDS2 =?