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Started by Oleksandr, April 19, 2010, 16:22:18



Opel Global TIS + TIS2Web + Tech2Win - vmware
работет с режимом j2534,PassThru Mongoose ISO/CAN( с каким точно не знаю)



Opel GlobalTIS v32.0 B Multilanguage

за активацией стучимся в ggogle talk - extracomplex



На сегодняшний день работает с етим софтом- DiagBox 7.33  в режиме Passthru
Большая благодарность создателям етого девайса :)

To date, work with this software-DiagBox 7.33  Passthru mode (Citroen, Peugeot)
Big thanks to the creators of this device :)


BMW Rheingold 3.41 [2014] Работает с Inpa Ediabas, D/CAN
Работает проверено на BMW 740 E38 2000/11 20-pin
Windows 8/64
BMW Rheingold 3.41 [2014]
Works with Inpa Ediabas, D / CAN
Verified working on BMW 740 E38 2000/11 20-pin
файл для активации вложить в эту папку/file to activate put in this folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Rheingold\TesterGUI\bin\Release





Mr TizWaz`s Solution on Mhh forum works great with Newest Honda HDS 3.012.030   

It is a full  torrent with Video instructions



You have try it with CanTieCar ??


Yes Sir, Working like a Charm ! Connected to a 2001 CRv I had here.

Also Scanned a 2013 VW GLI from Body shop, Had a host of stored codes , Cleared them all, using the New ODIS and CTC.
Body Shop guys like to store codes in modules it seems. :-)

Unable to get the Subaru working as of yet..or Nissan. But hear Glowing reports about Mercedes DAS and the CTC.


How you get it working, I cannot connect to car, Hoda HDS don's see CTC. Can you describe your way to connection with car ?


PM sent.
I use the spx-mvci   changing the device-etc..

Copied from Mhh forum

o.k location to put dealer number is


that is for usa, if you use other region , just use dealer number on install

places to change the interface



you can test for immofunction and keygen working , if not i post a fix

if you want to install for GNA600 BUT NOT USA

THEN JUST INSTALL HDS For your region and install ECUREWRITE for USA and then just change the country code in regedit

if you are using X-Horse CABLE MINI VCI (MOST ONLY WORKING CAN-BUS) I Think x-horse MVCI(3IN1) IS WORKING O.K, install for GNA600 Also, you need to remove or rename GNAReprogramming.dll < THIS ALSO WILL WORK FOR GNA600'S AND OTHER TOOLS THAT DOES NOT TAKE FIRMWARE UPDATE that use GNA AS A BASE INSTALL